Every year, the French Ministry of Research and Innovation in collaboration with the Public Investment Bank BPI France organizes i-Lab, a major national competition for technological innovative startups. This public funding program is dedicated to emerging and promising technological startups that have a close relationship with the public research ecosystem. It is specifically targeting the so-called Deep Tech startups to accelerate the winning projects development.

We are proud to have been selected as one of the winning startups, with a special award as a Jury’s Grand Prize in the ICT category amongst 9 other categories. This major accomplishment represents a public recognition of our growth potential from the French government itself, and allows us to benefit from a significant grant, up to 600 k€. As a Deep Tech startup, we are also eligible to the French Tech Seed program, which enables us to leverage our future seed fundraising round with convertible notes, up to 250 k€, thanks to BPI France.

This fantastic news completes our first development year dedicated to blockchain analytics tools. We are proud to share it with our first supporters, notably Station F and iExec. Thanks to this, we now dispose of the needed resources to move forward on our ambition to become one of the leading actors in the blockchain analytics sector. As the market maturity is progressively getting stronger, application providers and financial institutions will be able to count on our services to lever the potential of blockchain technologies.

Onboard to our growing partners ecosystem at contact@nyctale.io !