Closing of our pre-seed funding round in April 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable year so far, with the current sanitary and economic crisis shaking our system in its deep roots. These are troubling times for corporates and entrepreneurs all around the world. Hence, it has never been so important for early-stage startups to be well funded and supported by key investors, collaborators, advisors, and partners.

In this context, Nyctale is very humbled and grateful to have secured more than 1M€ as part of its pre-seed funding round. We have successfully gathered around us the needed support to get through these difficult times. We are notably proud to work closely with Outlier Ventures in the course of their Base Camp accelerator program. Their faith in our long-term vision is strengthening the trust we are spreading around us. Thanks to our private investors and BPI France, we now have up to 18 months of financial runway for our core team made of 5 A-players. We are surrounded by highly-valuable advisors to fuel our strategic thinking, and we keep working with key partners as HUB612 and ISFA to consolidate our unique selling proposition.

Presentation of our activity

Nyctale develops blockchain analytics tools to provide Business Intelligence services to entrepreneurs to assess their performance and due diligence solutions to public and private financial institutions.

In the blockchain industry, business owners have currently very few tools to measure their performance. They are unable to assess the impact of their operational activities on their customer base. It obliged them to invest in inefficient actions with a lack of rationality and a fear to be left behind, generating a loss of competitiveness. From their side, financial institutions are struggling to perform a qualitative due diligence on crypto-assets and associated applications. They are blind in their ability to measure the fundamental and intrinsic value of crypto-assets.

Nyctale provides quantitative financial analytics tools and qualitative business insights around blockchain networks. Our advanced modelling tools monitor investment and usage behaviors, combining the most relevant aspects of Bloomberg and Google Analytics to serve the evolving needs of the blockchain industry. This Business Intelligence and due diligence software suite aims at becoming the leading reference marketplace for analytics on blockchain, delivering valuable data and qualitative insights to this emerging industry.

Curious to know more about us? You can access here to a recent survey conducted on Chainlink network, the major ERC-20 token on Ethereum platform.

ead investors: Outlier Ventures, BPI France

Core team members: Blaise CAVALLI, Pierre COLIN, Jeremy GUILLON, Jules BELVEZE, Simon DEREJE

Advisors: Matthieu GUEISSAZ, Kimiko IMAI, Marc LELARGE, Olivier LEBEL, Frédéric VIAL, Ivan ANNEZER

Partners: STATION F, HUB612, ISFA

Presentation of our public and private lead investors

Outlier Ventures and the Base Camp Accelerator program

Outlier Ventures is a venture firm that invests in companies building Web 3.0 with decentralized technologies. They invest in convergence-related startups. Convergence sees blockchains and other decentralization tools like smart contracts, oracles, and tokens, as new decentralized infrastructure enabling technologies such as AI, IoT, 3D Printing, Robotics and mixed reality to converge.

The Base Camp Accelerator is a three-months program for pre-seed projects to join the Outlier Ventures network. This unique Convergence Accelerator program helps startups to define and build their project alongside experts, mentors, ecosystem, and leading minds of web 3.0.

They are focused on building out a vision of what is necessary for web 3.0 to be successful — “The Convergence Stack” a further refinement of their thesis anticipating the convergence of blockchains with IoT, AI and eventually robotics. They are already supporting projects across the stack, including Imperial College London, Smart Dubai, Deutsche Telekom, IOTA, Fetch.AI, and Sovrin.

BPI France: i-Lab 2019 and FrenchTech Seed

Nyctale has been awarded a Jury’s Grand Prize in the ICT category at i-Lab 2019, a competition organized by the French Public Investment Bank BPI France in collaboration with the French Ministry of Research and Innovation. It has allowed us to benefit from a significant grant, while being eligible to the FrenchTech Seed program to leverage our pre-seed funding round with convertible notes.