What is Nyctale's activity?

Nyctale is an innovative startup in the fields of Data Science and Blockchain technologies. We develop advanced analytics tools to analyze the usages, measure the value, and control the money flows on these new transactional networks. Our advanced modeling tools monitor investment and usage behaviors, combining the most relevant aspects of Bloomberg and Google Analytics to serve the evolving needs of the blockchain industry. We aim at becoming the leading reference marketplace for analytics on crypto-assets, delivering valuable data and high-quality insights.

What are Nyctale's offers?

We analyze transactional data from blockchain networks to provide advanced analytics tools for dApp providers and crypto investors. We provide Business Intelligence services to entrepreneurs to assess their performance, investment decision-aiding tools, and due diligence solutions to public and private financial institutions.

Our SaaS platform delivers strategic & actionable insights through sophisticated KPIs on decentralized applications by monitoring on-chain activity patterns and analyzing investment behaviors around crypto-assets. Users can rate and rank crypto-assets networks activity to analyze, assess, and compare tokens’ performances regarding real usage and adoption metrics.

What makes Nyctale's tools so unique?

We are unique in developing a behavioral modeling engine around blockchain networks and crypto-assets using Artificial Intelligence. For further details, you can consult our analytic methodology.

Our algorithmic and big data approach is the needed innovation to efficiently process blockchain data to generate sophisticated and highly valuable indicators that can be used as decision-aiding tools by entrepreneurs, individuals, and major financial institutions.

How to use Nyctale's tools?

Please check out our product tutorial and recent case study.

What is the pricing strategy and business model?

Nyctale is a SaaS solution available through a monthly subscription. You can try our tools for free thanks to a 30-days free trial. After your trial period ended, you will have access to different pricing packages with regards to the number of assets covered, the associated features and indicators, and the number of user accounts needed.

What are the new features to be added to the SaaS platform in the future?

We are constantly trying to evolve our offers, adding new assets, metrics, and additional features. For further insights please consult our product development roadmap.

While having a clear product road in mind, we are counting on our community of users to lead us in the right direction. If you'd like to see specific features added to the SaaS platform, do not hesitate to contact us on Telegram or by email at contact@nyctale.io.

How to contribute to Nyctale's development? What does Nyctale expect from its community?

Nyctale aims at supporting the healthy development of decentralized applications and to build trust in the crypto-asset industry. Therefore, we need contributions from every player in the market, especially Nyctale's community.

We'd love to hear from you, to give us feedback, engage in conversations around the crypto industry, or simply share our product.

Further, we always welcome blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who'd like to collaborate on content creation and analytics reports linked to our product.

What is Nyctale's long-term ambition?

Please check out Nyctale's development thesis.